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Tim Burton Paris Exhibition opening soon!

Following the MoMA in New York, where the exhibition was a resounding success, Tim Burton has chosen the Cinematheque to unveil his work to the European public!

Better known as a filmmaker, Tim Burton, the gentle Hollywood troublemaker who shook up conventions (particularly with Batman), supplied contemporary mainstream cinema with a welcome breath of fresh air. Less well known is his work as an illustrator and photographer, heir to Edgar Allan Poe, the Surrealists, and constantly reinterpreting popular culture (including the small masterpiece that is The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, and fantasy such as The Nightmare Before Christmas).

Drawings, paintings, storyboards, models, costumes, film clips … this exhibition is a unique opportunity to appreciate the extent of his artistic output. Visitors can discover the originality of his early work produced when he was a teenager in suburban Los Angeles, and later as a student at the prestigious school of CalArts created by Disney. There’s behind the scenes footage of all his films, and films insuper 8 or 16mm, early works digitised for the occasion.

Frankenweenie - official trailer

Tim Burton

Greta Garbo in Queen Christina in 1933

Greta Garbo in Queen Christina in 1933


2012 Best Picture Oscar Nominees by Hunter Langston


BOY: american release

“Every once in a while, a tiny little film will come along so heartfelt and so well executed that you just know if it can find a studio that believes in it or somehow find its way in front of an audience, it will be a hit. All too often that movie fades only to be discovered years later by adoring fans, leaving them wondering, ‘Why didn’t I see this in the theater?’ I am holding onto hope that this doesn’t become the fate of Taika Waititi’s wonderfully hilarious autobiographical film BOY.” Jackie Chan

PLEASE donate if you can to help release one of the best films into America where it belongs. There’s just one problem, the director Taika Waititi needs funding! He’s created this heartfelt and creative campaign on Kickstarter that sets donation amounts. Each certain donation amount has a set of promises Taika will personally deliver (some are seriously amazing!). 

The film is a hit in New Zealand. I’ve seen it months ago and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. It’s so well done. I would describe it as Napoleon Dynamite with heart. 

There are 6 days to go! Just read the comments alone and you might be convinced.

Good luck Taika! Your film truly deserves more recognition.



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